Revolutionary furniture and interior design by Tine K Home

Founded in 1999 by Tine Kjeldsen, has grown into a renowned furniture brand seen all across the world. Inspired by travel and natural environments from the likes of exotic countries as Vietnam, Morocco and India, the collection consists of interior, fabrics and mainly furniture designed by the founder herself.

She draws her inspiration from a respect for history and culture combined with traditional handcraft. Together with the simplistic looks of Scandinavian styling provides products that are ahead of modern day trends.

The ultimate challenge

As a company it is’s goal to separate itself from regular furniture brands and become a universe of its own, known for it’s natural and handmade products inspired from the expressive experiences of exotic and culture rich countries. Combining bohemian and botanical living with elegant Nordic simplicity creates a rustic and warming vibe. Even today, Tine K Home is already found all over the world in hotels, restaurants, beach clubs and private homes.

Focus on a greener world

One of the main product lines that are being shipped out of Denmark is Tine’s bamboo furniture line. Although a little more expensive than it’s regular material counterpart, bamboo furniture is more durable, stronger than most hardwoods and in result up to three times as long lasting as conventional hardwoods and other furniture materials. That makes it cheaper in the long run as well! To top it all off, bamboo doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to grow so the material is 100% eco-friendly.