Five tips for choosing a band for your wedding or event

Booking a band for your wedding or event is not easy. When searching online ‘wedding band’ Google churns up over six million bands in just a split second. This is why we give you some tips for choosing a band and having live music at your wedding or event.

Act now

A good band is booked up very far, sometimes two years in advance. So, to be sure your favourite band will play at your party, you need to act directly and book the band.

Check the price

An experienced and established band will be more expensive but you will get what you pay for. Some bands do a lot of charity work, but they still need to pay their bills like everyone. At Evenses you can book bands for an affordable price. Visit our website and take a look at our range of bands.

The equipment

The equipment needs to be of the highest quality. A professional band has a high quality, reliable and presentable equipment and transport. At Evenses you can book bands, including the equipment and lights.

Provide information

Provide the band with as much information as possible. Let the band members know your favourite song and tell them what makes some songs special.

Read reviews

Read some reviews from a band. A good band will have a lot of reviews online. Reading these reviews will help you in deciding and choosing a band.