5 reasons why you need an accountant for your business

An accountant is one of the main players in a business. The accountant monitors and manages all the finances of the business. Accountant have a huge responsibility with verifying the accuracy of all transactions that are made. A lot of companies die within a year because of bad financial management. You don’t want this to happen at your firm and you can hire an accounting firm to prevent this. In this article I tell you what an accountant does and why you need it.

The work an accountant does

An accountant describes the health of the financial situation of your business. They do this by using numbers and special financial statements and use special skills to do this. They analyse the profits and losses you make in a certain time and can give you an advice on how you’re doing this.

Reasons why you need an accountant

It sounds logical to me that you need to have your financial status clear to extend the lifetime of your business. An accountant is the best way to manage this right. I have made a list of 5 reasons why:

  • They can identify all potential deductions throughout the year and make a strategic advice for your decisions.
  • They can’t fix an audit when it’s already there, but they can help you avoiding an audit. Most audits are there because of mistakes that are made in the financial management.
  • It will safe you a lot of time that you can now spend on the work you really want to do in stead of trying to fix your own finances.
  • They will give you real-time advice on how you will do and if you must take some risks.
  • They can help you plan the future an give a big advice about certain investments you would love to make.

So, there are a lot of good reasons why an accountant can be very useful for your company. If you need an accountant in the Netherlands, Reanda is the best company for you!